Blake Medical Center
October 06, 2014

Bradenton, FL – Blake Medical Center is the only hospital in Manatee County and one of a select group of hospitals in the state of Florida to perform a complex, minimally invasive heart procedure, Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). Approved by the FDA three years ago, Blake began offering TAVR in December of 2012 and this week surpassed a milestone by performing over 100 procedures to date.

TAVR, which is used for patients who cannot undergo more conventional procedures, allows a surgeon to access and replace a faulty valve in a patient’s heart through a catheter inserted in the thigh or through a small incision in the side of the chest rather than using open-heart surgery. It is used to treat an obstruction of the aortic valve known as aortic stenosis by improving blood flow from the heart to the aorta.

“Very sick or frail patients who might otherwise be turned down for bypass or other surgical options have had years given to them thanks to the TAVR procedure,” said Enrique Rivera, MD, Interventional Cardiologist. “The minimally invasive approach has increased life expectancy and the quality of life.”

For more information on the TAVR procedure, or to schedule an interview with a member of the TAVR team, please contact Melissa Morgan at 941-798-6056.