Blake Medical Center July 02, 2017

Bradenton, FL - With the summer months upon us, our community faces an increased risk of injury from burns. Blake Medical Center’s Burn Care Clinic encourages “celebrating safely” this holiday weekend and continuing safe practices throughout the summer months.

While some may think it is safer to utilizer sparklers instead of an exploding firework, “ Sparklers are still very dangerous,” said Dr. Van Vliet, the Medical Director of the Burn & Reconstructive Centers of Florida at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, FL. “The metal from a sparkler can get red hot and cause a very, very severe burn.” For that reason, Dr. Van Vliet recommends leaving the fireworks shows in the hands of experts. However, if you do decide to light your own sparklers, here are a few safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Designate someone to light the fireworks, someone to make sure the area is safe and someone else to clean up.
  • Ensure a fire extinguisher, hose or bucket or water is nearby.
  • Make sure the person lighting the sparklers is not wearing loose clothing that could ignite, and follows all directions on the fireworks label.
  • Never use sparklers of any kind indoors.
  • Always light sparklers one at a time.

Residents should also take precaution if they are planning to use a grill during the Fourth of July Holiday. “It starts before the grill is even lit,” Dr. Van Vliet said. Keeping the grill at least 10 feet away from buildings or anything else that could catch fire is a good start. When you are ready to light the grill, make sure to keep the lid open, and check to ensure there no gas leaks anywhere. “If you are using charcoal, please don’t use gasoline to help start the fire,” he explains. “Not only is the liquid part of the gas dangerous, but the fumes can cause an explosion.”

For more tips on Burn and Fire Safety, visit our Burn Care page.