Blake Medical Center
November 03, 2020

Bradenton, FL – Blake Medical Center has entered the fourth and final phase of a 14.6 million dollar Emergency Room expansion and renovation project. Starting Thursday, November 5th at 8:00 am, a temporary Emergency Room entrance will open near the hospital’s main entrance. The temporary entrance is necessary to complete the last phase of the ER renovation and expansion project and is expected to be in place for approximately 3 weeks.

“Our ER expansion and renovation project brings many advantages,” says Lisa Nummi, Chief Operating Officer, Blake Medical Center, “We have taken great care to limit the amount of time that a temporary ER entrance will be necessary and are excited to bring our community enhanced emergency services.”

The entire expansion and renovation project includes:

  • 10 additional emergency care rooms
  • Increased space for improved patient flow
  • New MRI suite with a brand new, state-of-the-art MRI machine
  • Interior renovations and upgrades such as new flooring, freshly painted walls, and furnishing throughout the ER, including the reception and waiting areas

Parking spaces close to the temporary entrance are designated with signage for the duration of the change in the ER entrance location. Also, prominent directional signage is in place to guide ER visitors to the temporary ER entrance. The ER will remain open and fully functional throughout this final phase of the expansion and renovation project.