The Cardiology Services at Blake Medical Center are dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. In 1989, The Heart Institute performed its first heart catheterization. Today, in three state-of-the-art labs and one electrophysiology lab, we perform over 3,000 diagnostic and interventional procedures and over 30,000 noninvasive procedures each year.


Invasive Services Non-Invasive Services
Diagnostic Catheterization EKG/Signal Average
Balloon Angioplasty Holter Monitoring
Coronary Atherectomy Stress Testing
Coronary Stents Echocardiology

Electrophysiology Studies
Electrophysiology Intervention
EP Complex Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation 

Transesophageal Echo
Radiofrequency Ablations Nuclear Cardiology
Pacemeker insertion Tilt table Testing
ICD Insertion Arrhythmia Monitoring (transtelephonic)
Peripheral Vascular
Peripheral Vascular Interventional Procedures

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