Diagnostic Breast Procedures

Mammography is a special type of x-ray imaging used to create detailed images of the breast. Mammography uses low dose; high contrast, high-resolution film; and an x-ray system designed specifically for imaging the breasts.  Successful treatment of breast cancer depends on early detection. Mammography can show changes in the breast well before a woman or her physician can feel them.

Digital Mammogram

The Breast Care Center provides digital mammograms.  A digital screening mammogram is conducted the same way as a traditional film-based mammogram, taking two views of each compressed breast.

The benefits of digital mammography:

  • Digital mammography allows the radiologist to review your test on a computer screen
  • High image quality with the ability to enhance and manipulate the image for further evaluation.
  • High quality image makes it easier to differentiate cancer tissue from normal tissue
  • Digital mammography is ideal in detecting breast abnormalities in women under 50 or women with dense breast tissue, who are often at higher risk for breast cancer.
  • The images can be magnified to better visualize calcifications
  • Digital images are obtained with up to 60% less radiation exposure to the woman than film images.
  • Digital mammography is faster so the mammogram exam is shorter.
  • Digital images can be stored permanently, with the ability to print on film.

Breast Ultrasound

This diagnostic procedure studies a specific area found on the mammogram or on a lump discovered by the woman. This exam can determine the difference between a cystic or solid mass. Breast ultrasounds are used in conjunction with a mammogram. Due to their limited scope, they cannot be used as a replacement for a mammogram.

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