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Blake Medical Center Unveils Innovative Cardiac Care Mobile App

Marketing & Public Relations Contact:
Melissa Morgan
(941) 798-6056

March 12, 2012

Bradenton, FL – When it comes to improved cardiac care, there’s an app for that.  Blake Medical Center is the latest healthcare facility in the region to acquire and implement an innovative application that allows clinicians to access near real-time electrocardiograph (ECG) data on their iPhone® and iPad®.

Blake Medical Center officials announced today that their cardiologists now have available to them the secure software solution, called AirStrip CARDIOLOGY™, which enables:

  • Quicker, more accurate cardiac care decisions
  • Stronger, faster communication with emergency medical technicians conducting ECG in the field
  • Shorter average time for heart attack patients to get proper care once in the emergency room
  • Faster access to off-site physicians for ECG review

“AirStrip CARDIOLOGY can strengthen patient care at Blake Medical Center by contributing to shorter hospital stays and more informed decision-making to determine the most appropriate treatment,” said Donna Disbro, Vice President of Cardiovascular Services. “With this technology, actionable ECG data is immediately available, and we can respond faster than ever.”

AirStrip CARDIOLOGY uses data from the GE Healthcare MUSE® Cardiology Information System, is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is compliant with federal patient privacy regulations.

 “AirStrip CARDIOLOGY supports our commitment to implementing technology that helps us deliver the most advanced cardiac care possible,” added Disbro.